Cleaning Brush Head (Set of 3)

Type: Gadget DIY

3 Sizes Bathroom Cordless Power Scrubber Drill Brush Cleaning Attachment Kit


Awesome Facts:

  • Made with ultra durable, high quality nylon material. (Cordless drill not included)
  • The lightweight scrubbing products are easy to use and light enough to make cleaning jobs easier than before.
  • The brush can be mounted on the electric drill, and it can clean the kitchen and bathroom stains easily.
  • Convenient to use, simple and easy to operate, and quick to clean.

How to Use:

  1. Charge your power drill
  2. Attach the brush onto the drill
  3. Power on and start cleaning


Technical Stuff:

Product Size

Diameter of connector: 0.984in / 25mm
Large brush: height: 1.5in/3.9cm, diameter: 3.9in/9.8cm
Medium brush: height: 3.7in/9.3cm diameter: 2.9in/7.3cm
Small brush: height: 1.9in/4.7cm, diameter: 1.9in/4.8cm

Product Weight

8oz / 230g

Package Component

1 x large brush, 1 x medium brush, 1 x small brush