Cutie Dinosaur Alarm Clock with Night Light Sleeping Companion

Type: Home Decor

Awesome Facts:

  • Timer Night Light: The cute children's digital display alarm clock night light can be timed for 1-60 minutes. The cute dinosaur lamp with soft colorful lights offers your little ones a gentle companion, which can help them learn to sleep alone.
  • Breathing light: breathing lights like the rhythm of breathing. 
  • Dual Alarm and Three Workday Alarm Mode - it is possible to set two different alarms in one day. Three workday alarm modes to cater to your need: from Monday to Friday (1-5), Monday to Saturday (1-6) or Monday to Sunday (1-7)
  • Intelligent Sunrise & Sunset Simulation: auto brightening and dimming 
  • 6 different ringtones and adjustable volume 

Technical Stuff:

Product Size

8.8cm x 11.7cm x 11.5cm 


Approx 230g


ABS, PC and Silicone