Dreamy Paintings Night Light

Type: Home Decor

This Dreamy Paintings Night Light is a unique light and decoration for your living room or bedroom. 

Contours shadow layers overlay to formed dreamy soft lights, each layer has a unique silhouette design.

Awesome Facts:

  • Durable spray painted ABS frame with environmentally friendly paper 
  • ABS frame and acrylic crystal cover prevents the light-leak, as well as soften the light 
  • Powered by micro-USB (cable included); can be powered by your laptop, adaptor, or a power bank

Useful Tips:

The night light works best with darker surroundings.


Technical Stuff:

Product Size 7.75" x 5.81" x 1.69"
19.71cm x 14.78cm x 4.3cm
Product Weight 650g
Package Components

1 x Dreamy Paintings Night Light
1 x USB Cable
Adapter Not Included

Material ABS frame with paper