Easy Jar & Bottle Opener

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An inexpensive must have gadget for the kitchen is this multifunctional opener designed to open every can, bottle or jar with ease, even for the most stubborn ones! Instead of waiting for someone to help, it's always easier to get the right tool and just do it yourself!

Awesome Facts:

  • 4 circular openings to fit and open a variety of bottles and jars
  • Easy to use and handle with rubber surface, provides super grip
  • Ideal for those with limited hand strength mobility,¬†arthritis,¬†kids and elderly¬†
  • Compact in size, just put in the kitchen drawer or hang on hooks for easy access
  • Ships in random colour


    Technical Stuff:

    Product Size

    8.8 x 3.5 inches (22.5 x 9cm)

    Product Weight

    3.63 oz (103g)

    Package Component

    1 x opener