Face Neck Cellulite Suction Cup 5 Pc Set


These cellulite suction cups, made of silicone, are just perfect for evenly massaging skin-rejuvenating serum thereby increasing its efficiency. The smaller cups are well suited for the eyes while the longer ones can soothe the face and neck. Regular massaging helps in removing the toxins from the face and also slows down aging.

Get your face massaging right, with these skin-friendly silicone suction cups and stay young, longer.

Awesome Facts:

  • Safe on skin
  • Separate cup sizes for eyes and face  

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Technical Stuff:

Product Size

15 x 50 mm / 0.6 x 2 in (short cup)

37 x 80 cm / 1.4 x  3.15 in (long cup)

Product Material Silicone
Product Colors Pink/White/Green/Purple/Transparent (Random assortment)
Package Components

2 x Long Suction Cup

3 x Short Suction Cup