Hook-and-Use Foot Rest Hammock

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Home working essential!  


Awesome Facts:

  • Support lower back, legs, and feet during long hours of sitting
  • Unique hammock design, replaces that footstool you use to prop your feet up
  • Securely hooks onto both ends of a table with the metallic hooks
  • Maximum thickness of the side of the desk is 2.16 inches (5.5cm)
  • Made from durable canvas cloth and steel, can load 50kg
  • DIY your comfort height, easy to adjust between 'work' or 'rest' mode


Technical Stuff:

Product Size

Foot Hammock: 24.4 x 6.7 inches (62 x 17cm)
Rope: can be adjusted to 19.7 inches (50cm)

Product Weight

7.8 oz (375g)

Package Component

1 x Foot Hammock with ropes, 2 x Hooks