Marble Run Wooden DIY Contraption Puzzle

Type: Kids Toys

Do you have a kid who loves unique and cool puzzles? Marble Run Wooden DIY Contraption Puzzle is the perfect gift for your child. This contraption puzzle comes in 5 variants and includes precision laser-cut wooden frames with the required assembly parts. It features S-Rail, Spiral, and funnel-shaped tracks. The total run length for the steel balls is about 2.5 meters. It also comes with detailed English instruction manuals and pictures and video links to help in accurate assembly.

Kids will think, learn, and get entertained at the same time when they play with this hands-on mechanical gadget. Give your kids a reason to stay offline, with the Marble Run Wooden DIY Contraption Puzzle.

Awesome Facts:

  • Each part laser cut to perfection
  • Comes with 10 steel balls
  • Fun and engaging DIY puzzle
  • 4-hour assembly time

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    Technical Stuff:

    Product Size 325 x 214 x 228 mm (after assembly)
    Product Weight 1316 g/46.4 oz
    Material Wood
    Package Components

    1 x set of Wooden pop-out puzzle pieces

    1 x set of 10 steel balls

    1 x Assembly tool kit

    1 X Assembly instruction manual (English)