Star Kingdom New Magical Plasma Tower Lamp (Red or Blue) AU Plug


This new magical plasma lamp is a clever twist to the all time classic plasma ball.
We all know how that works - you place your hand on the outer glass of the ball, the electrons inside reacts and responds to your touch or sound in the surrounding area. 

Awesome Facts:

  • Feel like a god touching the plasma tower - a great sensory experience 
  • Plug in 12v with an adapter - safety first
  • Made with soda-lime silica glass
  • Flexibility to turn off the sound sensitive function  
  • Responds to Music and Sound. Not only does the static electricity ball follow your every touch with electric beams, but it even responds to music

Technical Stuff:

Product Size 40cm tall - 7.5cm Dia 
Input voltage 240v to 12v adapter included 
Colours Blue or Red