Star Kingdom Skyline Neon Light Signs

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Type: Home Decor

"Live Laugh and love "  is so yesterday,  let's have a bit of a modern retro feel at home this year. 

Star Kingdom Skyline Neon Light Signs is luxuriously bright, the light strip has a uniform light emission effect.

Awesome Facts:

  • Four types to choose from¬†
  • Water-resistant (do not submerge the base where the battery box is under water though)
  • Low heat emission¬†
  • Perfect night light¬†
  • Wireless and portable¬†

Useful Tips:

The night light works best with darker surroundings.

Technical Stuff:

Product Size Appox 25cm height, 20cm wide 
Product Weight 250g
Package Components

1 x Star Kingdom Skyline Neon Light Sign
1 x Battery box with base (battery not included)  

Material LED light, plastic 

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