Star Kingdom Studio Ghibli My Neighbour Totoro 3 in 1 Pillow, Blanket, Hand-warmer (Two sizes)

Type: Kids Toys

If you know this lyric line "to to ro totoro to to ro totoro" 
Then you can't possibly resist this super cute as well as practical Totoro  

Awesome Facts:

  • Extra soft cotton
  • Clever 3-in-1 design - A plush/pillow, including a blanket, and two openings on the side for your hand to keep warm 

Technical Stuff:

Product Size

Totoro pillow 30cm height 
Blanket 95cm X 85cm or 1m x 1.6m



Package Component

1 x Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro 3 in 1 Pillow, Blanket, Handwarmer